About Us

At Pharmacom Media we also dare to be different, we strive to improve clinical practice and patient care with measurable, real-world outcomes through our passion for perfection in Healthcare Communications.

Pharmacom Media focusses on strategic insight, scientific excellence and quality output. Our strategists, dedicated project managers and PhD-qualified writers are supported by our extraordinary, experienced, award-winning digital experts. Together, we create ingenious communication strategies and concepts specifically designed to target results.

For further information, contact:

Mandi Wattymiller (Managing Director, Pharmacom Media) +44(0)20 7214 050

Our Heritage

Pharmacom Media specialises in promotional communications and brand-centric medical education. It’s one of the two arms of PCM Healthcare. We’ve grown rapidly since we started, spawning the divisions that provide the structure for today’s company based in London’s Docklands.

Alex Monaghan, a leading figure in the medical communications industry, joined Rob and Alisa (PCM Healthcare’s founders) in 2010 to head up Pharmacom Media, to further expand and promote its expertise.

Our Vision

We believe passionately that medical education and communications are essential components of improving standards in healthcare provision and advancing clinical practice.

What we do is not just about repackaging and transmitting information. Instead, we embark on a transformation, using the bright minds of our unrivalled team to create fresh approaches that truly meet our clients’ and audiences’ needs.

Our Values

This is a company that truly lives its values. Each of our values is linked to a set of core behaviours that we expect from our team to ensure that the values remain part of the fabric of the company.

These behaviours form an integral part of Pharmacom Media’s personal development processes to ensure that the values are consistently upheld in all that we do, to make our vision and our reality one and the same.

Data from our personnel review process showed that our team feels that their personal values are aligned to the company’s values by an average of 96%. The result? Low staff turnover, exceptional teamwork and consistent delivery to the very highest of standards.

Our Quality

Our founding commitment to excellence generated the PCM Promise of Perfection. It contributes to our success in exceeding our clients’ expectations of distinction and accuracy in our work. It’s a collection of resources, procedures, shared beliefs and systems combined into our quality charter. This charter was written by the PCM Healthcare Editorial Team as the best possible way to safeguard the calibre of all our activities. It is unusual and remarkable in both its rigour and depth.
All new staff are trained in implementing the PCM Perfect systems, then they sign the physical charter; it’s prominently displayed on our wall as a constant reminder to us all.

We are all proud of the proficiency of our work and are committed to delivering the very best, every day.